International Conference On Career Opportunities For Dentists Across The World



Moving overseas is a big dream for many Indian Dentists for career as well as for higher education. Simultaneously it will be amazing and frightening. Having a dream is fantastic! Changing its status from “Dream” to “Reality”, the excitement of dreams coming true is beyond the description of words. I believe that this conference became an eye opener for all the dentists to make their dream into reality.

We would like to express our gratitude to our Honourable Chairman Sir, Co-Chairman Sir, Dean Sir, and Dean academics Sir for giving us the chance to plan such an event and for their unwavering support throughout the process.

The organizing team of the international conference headed by the Organizing Chairman Dr.Prabu D , Head of the Department of Public Health Dentistry and organizing committee members are Dr. Rajmohan M, Dr. Dinesh Dhamodhar , Dr. Bharathwaj V V, Dr. Sindhu R and Dr. Sathiya Priya S who materialized this thriving event.

The Department of Public Health Dentistry, SRM Dental College, Ramapuram, conducted an “International Conference on Career Opportunities for Dentists Across the World” for intercollege Undergraduates, Postgraduates , Academicians and general dentists on 23rd , 24th and 25th January 2023. The event was conducted both in online and offline mode. The offline mode was conducted in the TRP Auditorium, SRM Dental College, Ramapuram, Chennai and the online mode through Zoom platform. There are totally 143 participants registered for the international conference and 43 registrations for E- paper and E- poster presentation.

Day 1 – 23.01.2023

The first day of the programme was hosted by Dr. Gowsalya, postgraduate student, Public health dentistry, the day started with Thamilthaai Vazhthu song followed by lightening of Kuthuvilakku by the guest speaker Ms.Ranjitha Shetty, IDP Chennai, Dr.D.Prabu – Professor and Head, Department of PHD, Dr.Sybil – Associate Professor, SRM Dental College, Kattankulathur, Dr.Rajmohan, Associate Professor, Department of PHD. The welcome address was given by Dr D. Prabu, Professor and Head of Department of Public Health Dentistry.

The first session of the conference was headed by our guest speakers Ms.Ranjitha Shetty and Ms.Akshaya, IDP Chennai on the topic of “International career opportunities for dentists across the world”. Our speaker Ms. Ranjitha Shetty mam who was working as a Manager in IDP Education Pvt Ltd which is a one stop consultant for all those who wish to study overseas. She has provided guidance on various educational opportunities available in the UK, Singapore and Dubai for numerous students. She has received numerous awards for meeting milestones in the company. She has upgraded as a Senior Counsellor after the 1st year in company and has been a recipient of double increments 3 times in respective posts. The session started by 11:30am and ended at 01:00 pm. It was an inspiring lecture and provided new vistas for various dental opportunities across the world. The speaker attended all the queries raised by the audience.

The post lunch session was delivered by the guest speaker, Dr Shobena Jeevan – DMD Student, University of Pittsburgh School of Dentistry. Dr Shobena Jeevan , who enlightened us on “DENTISTRY IN AMERICA” . Dr Shobena is currently pursuing her advanced standing DMD from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh. She had an impeccable academic record and graduated at the top of her class with distinction. Dr Shobena won the title ‘Best Paper presentation’ for Dentistry! Impact On Bride And Groom Hunt In India at esteemed conferences such as the IDA 2018 and MIDAS 2018. Dr Shobena has a number of publications to her name . Dr Shobena is an eloquent public speaker and her charming way with words procured her an invite to speak at the World Business Conference, Dubai. Dr Shobena has a panoptic work experience ranging from teaching, observer ship and working as a paralegal. It was a wonderful informative lecture which enlightened the participants with her personal experience of dentistry in America. She cleared all the queries asked by the participants.The last session of the day was delivered by Dr Anand Krishnan, who enlightened us about insight on “Career Prospects In Malaysia For Dentist”. Dr. Anand Krishnan is a highly learned international professional with extensive professional experience as academician and research – related endeavours. Dr Anand Krishnan is currently a Senior lecturer in the department of oral medicine and radiology at Lincoln University College – college of dental faculty Selangor, Malaysia with a huge contribution towards education and community services. Dr Anand Krishnan has also authored and published a textbook titled “Fundamentals of Implant Imaging” and has co-authored and published a book titled “oral hygiene- Aids and Techniques”. He is also a proud member of Indian dental association and a life member of Indian academy of oral medicine and radiology. He has delivered several keynote lectures on oral radiology. The session was overloaded with many informative opportunities for dentists in Malaysia and the participants raised different queries which were excellently handled by the speaker. The first day of the event ended with the Vote of thanks which was delivered by Dr.Gowsalya, followed by the National Anthem.

Day 2 – 24.01.2023

 The second day of the international conference of career opportunities for dentists across the world was started with an inspiring lecture delivered by Dr Nesa Aurlene on the topic of “What after BDS in Australia”. Dr. Aurlene was a Senior lecturer at Madha Dental college and hospital. Dr. Aurlene was the first rank holder of her class in the department of Public Health Dentistry. She has also worked as a research intern at the Institute of Public Health, Banglore. Her fields of interest are oral health and general Health, risk factors in chronic diseases and financial management in dentistry to name a few. She has attended several conferences including the 11th and 12th International Association of Public Health Dentistry and International Conference on Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry. She has also had the opportunity to peer judge presentations at the Saveetha Transdisciplinary Annual Research Summit. It was an one hour interesting session, the speaker enlightened the participants with her valuable knowledge about dentistry in Australia after BDS. The participants have raised various queries and she cleared all their doubts.

The scientific presentation was held as a part of this great event, which was headed by a Chairperson Dr.Vaishnavi, currently a Reader at Tagore Dental College, Chennai. Totally there were seven E- paper presentations from various dental colleges all over the country. There were two sessions of presentation, each presenter presented one by one with an allotted time of 8 minutes for the oral presentation and 2 minutes for discussion with the chairperson and the audience. At the end of the session, the E- paper result was announced by the Chairperson and two best E paper awards were given. The post lunch session started with the lecture which was delivered by an inspiring speaker Dr Kapil Paiwal, who gave us insight on “Career Prospects In USA For Dentist After Postgraduation In India”. Dr. Paiwal is a highly learned international professional with extensive professional experience as academician and research – related endeavours. Dr Kapil was working as an assistant professor at Daswani Dental College and Research Centre, Rajasthan with a colossal number of publications and research studies to his credit. Dr Kapil has always been one step ahead when it comes to presentations and has certainly made his mark in topics such as Proteomics and Treatment of OSMF to name a few. He is also a proud member of the Indian Association of Forensic Odontology and a member of the Editorial board of the prestigious Journal of Oral Health and Dentistry Research. The lecture was very informative and the speaker shared his experience and knowledge related to dentistry in the USA.

Day 3 – 25.01.2023

The final day of the International conference was enlightened by an energetic young speaker Dr. Krithika Thavabalachandran presented on the topic “DENTISTRY IN CANADA & UK“. Dr. Krithika Thavabalachandran has completed her Bachelor Of Dental Surgery in SRM University, Kattankulathur .She did her in Health Management , University of London -UK, MDSc ( Master of Science , Endodontics) in University of Dundee- UK , also received awards on various categories from 2013 to 2022. She was recognised as a GDC registered dental surgeon qualified with speciality in Endodontics having more than 4 years of valuable clinical experience in the health care setting . Meticulous and excellent in juggling multiple tasks, warm and outgoing personality. The lecture was very inspiring and encouraging for all the budding dentists to get aware of various opportunities for dentists in Canada and the UK. There were many queries asked by the participants and it was cleared by our guest speaker.

The next session of the day was delivered by Dr Thaklaikkarasi Vishwapurna on “ Horizon of Dentistry in Oman”. She is currently a lecturer and mentor all the way from Oman Dental College, Muscat and a reviewer for the Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry journal which is currently running at Volume 20, issue 1 which came out the previous year. Our respectable speaker had his humble beginnings as he completed his BDS in 2008 with a silver medal as the best outgoing student followed by which he pursued Master of Science in Advanced minimum intervention dentistry from the prestigious Kings College in London in 2018. His career has been quite remarkable, prior to his current designation, he had been a management head in My Dentist Dental clinic in Salem, Tamil Nadu after which he also served as a PG mentor for MSc students again in King’s College London. With a specialisation in Minimum intervention dentistry which aids in devising comprehensive care plans to provide holistic dental care to patients he possesses skills to provide excellent restorative care using contemporary techniques which includes resin infiltration, air abrasion and chemo mechanical preparation of teeth to meet functional and aesthetic needs of patients. With his excellent skills as a mentor and his niche in clinical research and documentation he also has a wide array of publications. He has won several awards which includes G V Black award for excellence in conservative dentistry and endodontics at Vinayaka Missions Shankaracharya’s dental college. It was a very interesting and informative session provided with various dental opportunities for dentists in Oman.

The last session of our International event ended with an E-poster presentation. There were totally 36 E- poster submissions from various dental colleges in India. Out of which, 4 best E- paper awards were delivered to the participants.