CAMP REPORT 18/02/2022

Department of Public Health Dentistry

SRM Dental College, Ramapuram





Venue: Santhome Higher secondary School
Day: Friday
Date: 18/03/2022
Camp organizers: SUBASRI. A, GAYATHRI. S. S
Incharge: Dr. BHARATHWAJ
Total no.of patients treated: 137

A Dental Screening Camp was organised and conducted at a school by us with the permission granted from department of Public health dentistry, SRM dental college, Ramapuram  . The camp was held at Santhome Higher Secondary School, Mylapore , Chennai on 18.03.22. The camp was started at 12 Pm and continued till 2:30 pm at the respective school premises along with a dental setup . A total of 273 students were screened. Oral Heath education was given to students regarding the brushing techniques and models. the session was concluded by giving oral Health education speech to the students. The purpose of the Oral Health talk was to make them understand the importance of oral health care. Students who required dental treatment were asked to attend the turnover camp at SRM Dental college for further treatment.

Elements of our camp:

  • Oral hygiene instruction and brushing techniques explained to all

the patients in the camp.

  • After the demonstration, the patients

were made to imitate the brushing techniques

  • Oral screening was done to assess the oral hygiene, dental caries,

periodontal problems, malocclusion, fractures and other dental


  • All queries regarding the brushing techniques and oral hygiene

were explained individually to the patients in detail.