Department of Public Health Dentistry 

SRM Dental College, Ramapuram 

DATE: 9/2/2022

VENUE: Mahindra Service Centre,

ThiruViKa Industrial Estate,

Guindy, Chennai,

Tamilnadu – 600032.

Target population: The Staffs and the customers of the service Centre.

Total number of participants: 28

The Mahindra Service Centre has inaugurated their discount camp today on account of that event, the dental camp was organized by Mr. Raja, HR , Mahindra Service Centre and coordinated by Dr Savitha S and DrNimmy P, Post Graduates from Department of Public Health Dentistry.

Oral Health Status were examined for each participant and the oral health problems were recorded in the yellow camp form and given to them. Maintenance of Oral hygiene and Dental related problems were explained, verbally and brushing techniques were demonstrated using model.

Upon concluding Feedback form were obtained from both the organizer and the participants.