General Population

Department of Public Health Dentistry

Warm Greetings!!!

Venue: R.V Nagar, Jafferkhanpet

Date: 17/04/2022

Day: Sunday

Beneficiaries: General Population

Total No. of participants Benefited: 38

                A dental camp was organized and headed by Mr. V Babu, Ananya Foundation- Organization for Youth Empowerment along with the Department of Public Health Dentistry, SRM Dental College, Ramapuram, Chennai conducted at R.V Nagar on 17/04/2022. A total of 38 patients were benefited. The team was headed by Dr.Prabu, Professor and HOD. The camp was Co- ordinated by Dr. Sindhu, Senior Lecturer along with PG’s Dr.Nimmy and Dr. Savitha.

            Oral Health Education was imparted to the unprivileged population regarding the importance of adopting healthy lifestyle habits through brushing technique and models. A good response was obtained from the camp patients who are in need of oral health care. Altogether, the organisation gave positive feedback and appreciated the service provided to needy people.  Following this camp, treatment camps have been planned for 3 consecutive weeks for this underprivileged people who have various dental needs. The patients who require dental treatment have been asked to assemble in R.V Nagar, Jafferkhanpet, the same venue tomorrow (9.30 AM, 18/04/2022) for turnover at SRM Dental College, Ramapuram.